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Branding is everywhere. Branding is an attitude and a set of techniques that can be applied to products, corporations, people, political entities, not-for-profit organizations, events - the list could go on. And today, Social Media Marketing is a fundamental branding instrument, one that allows even those with interesting proposals but a limited budgets to make a mark.

Our mission is to develop tools that help innovators - and their ambassadors and evangelists - to get the word out in the most effective way through Social Media Branding - might that be product branding, personal branding, or even political branding.

Creating really effective analysis tools requires the fusion of technological, statistical, subject matter and cognitive science expertise. This fusion, and a passion for creative solutions, is what sets CyBranding apart from the competition: We believe in branding through Social Media as a white-hat marketing approach that makes internet a fairer competition playground, we believe in technology, and we believe in the transformative and democratizing power of the Internet. That’s why we want to be part of this all.

About Hashtag Intelligence

CyBranding Hashtag Intelligence is our first step toward fulfilling our mission. Released in beta on 28 January 2013, it allows to analyze Twitter hashtags and their influencers. Hashtags are one of the most interesting new branding tools that emerged in the Social Media space, and Hashtag Intelligence expands on the features of hashtagify.me

After a successful graduation from its beta release, the future evolution of Hashtag Intelligence will include:

  • Even better charts and analysis
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Expansion to hashtags analysis on Facebook, Google Plus and LinkedIn
You can contribute to this evolution by giving us your feedback and your support.

About hashtagify.me

Hashtagify.me is the most advanced Twitter Hashtags search engine. Since April 2011 it started collecting information about hashtags usage patterns on Twitter, examining - tweets (from the 1% sample that Twitter distributes for free) since then. Based on this data we created and published the first visual hashtags explorer, which still constitutes the base on which our advanced hashtag search engine is built.

We want to always keep hashtagify.me as a free tool that promotes the best use of hashtags through a quick, visual, intuitive way to find the best ones for the task.

About CyBranding Ltd.

CyBranding Ltd. is a start-up company born in 2012 to market a professional analytics solution to follow up on hashtagify.me, with a special focus on the use of hashtags as branding tools. You can get in contact with us writing to info@cybranding.com

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